GRADEresearch is a research collaboration between nine Swedish universities with a focus on providing a common research environment for postgraduate education in the area of digital technologies in education. The collaboration began in 2017 with a joint application from six higher education institutions to organize a graduate school in the area, and was expanded in 2019 with a second application to organize a graduate school for teacher education, a collaboration between nine higher education institutions. In 2021, we at GRADEresearch were given responsibility for a third graduate school, this time more broadly drawn to learning in a digital world.
Within GRADEresearch, researchers gather with the common interest to further understand how education is affected by society’s ongoing digitalisation. The number of accepted and affiliated doctoral students to the graduate schools is over 30, the number of supervisors and affiliated researchers is almost double.
GRADEresearch will organize courses, seminars and symposia. Welcome to participate!