Affiliated Researcher – Jörgen Holmberg

Högskolan i Gävle

Jörgen Holmberg is Lecturer in Curriculum Studies at the University of Gävle.
An interest in teaching and learning has been central throughout my professional career. As an upper secondary school teacher I was an early adopter of digital technologies and began investigating the extent to which and how they could be used to benefit both my teaching and my students’ learning. This was done as part of my classroom practice, but also increasingly through discussions with other teachers and the reading of research literature.
My doctoral studies were conducted at Stockholm University (the Department of Computer and Systems Sciences). Using a design-based research approach, I collaborated with eight teachers to explore how ICT could be used to create added pedagogical value and the challenges and opportunities that the teachers and students encountered in this process.
At the University of Gävle I teach our various teacher education programmes and our professional development courses for university teachers, often with a focus on IT and teaching/learning. I have also been project leader and project manager for the “Net-based learning” project, where the focus has been to support the development and refinement of ICT-supported educational practices and research on the educational use of digital technologies.
Currently, I participate in several projects examining the opportunities and challenges of digitalisation from a school perspective and also with a wider social focus. I also conduct research on how emerging technologies, such as VR and AR, are used and/or can be used to support teaching and learning, and how design-based research can be carried out methodologically to best benefit researchers and practitioners.
In my spare time I try to compensate for all the hours sitting in front of a computer by engaging in various types of physical activity, most often different ball sports. I am a youth coach in football and floorball for my son’s team. I also like to play and listen to music, preferably with my daughter.

Jörgen Holmberg, University of Gävle, jonhog@hig.se