PhD Student – Sara Ekström

Högskolan väst

Sara Ekström is a PhD-student at the School of Business, Economics and IT at University West. She is a graduate student in the national school for digital technologies in education, GRADE, and in the research environment LINA, Learning in and for the New Working Life.
I have my background as an engineer in technical physics from Uppsala University. At Uppsala University I also studied to become a teacher in mathematics and physics in Upper Secondary School, which I have worked on until I started my PhD. As a Lead Teacher I have been responsible for various issues regarding to school development. But it is mainly issues that concern how teachers arrange their teaching and how they act in the classroom to increase the students’ knowledge, which really captures my interest.
My thesis work is about studying the complexity, and especially the teacher’s role, in a student-active, technology-oriented, rich learning situation in which one introduces a social robot. I will do a case study on the research project START (Student Tutor And Robot Tutee), where students should try to teach a social robot how to play a digital math game. The robot’s act, in the role of an inquisitive and teachable companion, is designed and developed within the START project together with teachers and students.
Sara Ekström, University West, sara.ekstrom@hv.se