Supervisor – Anders D Olofsson

Umeå universitet

Dr. Anders D. Olofsson (or ADO as some of you might know him as) is currently holding a position as full professor at the Department of Applied Educational Sciences, Umeå University in Sweden. Since 2015 he also holds a position as a guest professor at Mid Sweden University, Sweden. Between the years of 2012 and 2014 Olofsson held a position as a guest researcher at the University West, Sweden, with responsible for building up the PhD-programme (in work-integrated learning). Moreover, for several years he served as the Director of Research Studies at the Department of Education as well as held a position as a teacher and researcher at the Medical School, Faculty of Medicine, Umeå University. At the Medical School he was involved in several development- and research projects focused on the design of Technology-Enhanced Learning (TEL) and educational technology for learning in medical education. For 8 years Olofsson was the scientific leader for the research group Learning & ICT (LICT).
Olofsson’s doctoral thesis “Training Teachers Through Technology” from 2005 was about becoming a teacher through net based teacher training and over the years much of his research has been aimed at understanding the meaning of social processes of teaching, learning and assessment in higher educational contexts that in different ways are embraced by TEL and educational technology. This including a special research interest in Online Learning Communities and especially in relation to teachers´ professional development (TPD). Olofsson’s empirical research is mostly carried out in co-operation with Professor J. Ola Lindberg (Umeå University) and Olofsson has over the years contributed with books, book-chapters, peer-review journal articles and papers to conference proceedings on these specific topics. Since 2014 he is the scientific leader for the research project ‘Making IT happen – A study of the advanced use of digital technologies in Swedish upper secondary schools’. This project is financed by the Swedish Research Council.
Olofsson has been named “Friend of the Conference” in relation to the International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies in Education (ICICTE). Together with Professor Lindberg he has during 2011 and 2012 co-edited the two books. The first one is labelled: Online Learning Communities and Teacher Professional Development. Methods for Improved Educational Delivery and the second one is labelled: Informed Design of Educational Technologies in Higher Education: Enhanced Learning and Teaching.
Olofsson has been the head supervisor for three PhD-students and co-supervisor for one PhD-student. For the moment he is the head supervisor for one PhD-student (Ulrika Gustafsson, GRADE) and co-supervisor for another. Olofsson serves as an external board member both in the excellence research environment called ‘Learning In and For the New Working Life (LINA), at University West, Sweden and ‘Digitalisering av grunnskolelærerutdanningen ved institutt for lærerutdanning’ (DigGiLU) at NTNU, Norway. Olofsson does reviews for the international research journals Education and Information Technologies, Nordic Journal of Digital Literacy, British Journal of Educational Technology, Technology, Pedagogy and Education, and International Journal of Information and Learning Technology.