Supervisor – Stefan Hrastinski

Stefan Hrastinski is a professor at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology and a visiting professor at Mid Sweden University. I lead the Digital learning unit, KTH, which conducts research, development and teaching on how digital technologies can be used to support education and learning. My research is focused on IT and learning, especially how participation, communication and collaboration can be supported by digital media.

Our research at KTH examines how technology can support education and learning. The research group combines technical competence with competence in learning. The research is often design-based. This means that we explore the use of emerging technology in learning contexts or develop prototypes as part of the research. We also aim to contribute to developing methods and techniques that can be used in practice.

The research group is particularly interested in tutoring and mathematical problem solving in digital environments. The group is responsible for research for the Mattecoach.se project, which is a project where teacher students at several universities supervise K12 students in mathematics. We also run the TalkMath.org project where we experiment with various opportunities to supervise and discuss mathematics in a web-based environment. Current projects include mobile learning, digital storytelling, collaborative learning and programming didactics.

Stefan Hrastinski, KTH, stefanhr@kth.se