Forskarskolan UPGRADE

UPGRADE Research School – Teacher Education and the Digitalization of the School System, is a national research school with the following nine universities participating: Umeå University (host university), KTH Royal Institute of Technology, University of Gothenburg, University of Gävle, University of Halmstad, Jönköping University, Linnaeus University, Mid Sweden University, and University West.
In Sweden, the importance of teacher education for the digitalization of the school system has been recognized since the early 1990s. However, recent studies show that one in three teacher students felt that the use of digital tools in their teacher education was low and almost half of the teacher students felt that the preparation for teaching with digital resources was inadequate. In the recently launched Swedish Action Plan for Digitalization of the School System (SkolDigiplan, 2019), teacher education is emphasized as crucial for preparing teachers to be able to use digital technology in meaningful ways in their professional activities.
The graduate school will address the following broadly formulated areas:
– How teacher training prepares teacher students to integrate and use technology in their various teacher education programs and how are teacher students prepared for a digitalized school?
– How can teacher education be further developed and incorporate methods that better include digital technology throughout the teacher education and across content areas?
– How do teacher educators develop their digital skills and in what way will it contribute to the student teacher’s knowledge in teaching and learning with digital technology?
– How does teacher education address opportunities and constraints with school digitalization, including the role of education policy, national differences and the digital transformation of the surrounding community?
UPGRADE will have the role of being a research school and research environment with high scientific quality and participating universities will collaborate to provide courses based on their expertise. The collaboration will also include supervision of doctoral students and other activities.
Questions are answered by coordinator Professor J. Ola Lindberg (, Umeå University.