Doktorand – Alex Örtegren

Umeå universitet

Alex Örtegren is a doctoral student at the Department of Applied Educational Science, Umeå University and a member of UPGRADE Research School.

I have taught English and History in Sweden and Norway primarily at the upper-secondary school level but also at the comprehensive school level (grades 7-9). Also, I have worked as a vice principal. Aside from teaching and school leadership, I have been involved in several projects in the field of digitalization, for instance local projects relating to the development of digital didactics, professional development programs, and implementation processes of learning platforms. Moreover, I have been a member of groups whose function has been to form a bridge between teachers and the strategic municipal level. Furthermore, I have been a participant in a EU research project focusing on digital response systems, given a presentation at Dalarna University and a lecture to student teachers at Örebro University.

In my role as a doctoral student I focus on digitalization, teacher education, and citizenship. A new national strategy for the digitalization of K-12 schools in Sweden (2017) stresses the term ‘adequate digital competence’, but what does that actually mean? The policy is devised in a way that is open to interpretation which, in turn, could result in different opportunities for student teachers to develop skills in the field of digital didactics that can promote the development of pupils’ citizenship knowledge and skills as digital citizens.

In my spare time I like reading books, exercise, and outdoor life.

Alex Örtegren, Umeå University, alex.ortegren@umu.se