PhD Student – Izabella Csonka

Göteborgs universitet

Izabella Csonka is a member of the Graduate School UPGRADE and a doctoral student at the Department of Applied IT, with orientation to educational sciences at the University of Gothenburg.

With a teacher background I attained a master’s degree in educational research (MSc) at the University of Gothenburg in 2016. Throughout the years I have taught in various school forms and have been involved in research projects at the Department of Education, Communication and Learning at the University of Gothenburg.

My overall research interest is to investigate digital learning platforms and their implications for learning. Essentially, my focus concerns the interplay between learning and digital environments and what it means for students and teachers to pursue studies and conduct teaching in a digital landscape.

Technology and digital environments create new contexts for learning and may even change our perception of what knowledge is and how it is attained. In addition, technology-mediated environments, such as learning platforms provide new spaces to develop and to practice digital competences, which is of central importance both at an individual and a social level. Thus, this may involve implications for the teacher training and school digitalization and raises questions about how technology is used in a learning context, how students experience their own learning in a more and more digitalized school system and how teachers accommodate their teaching practice.

Izabella Csonka, University of Gothenburg AIT izabella.csonka@ait.gu.se