Supervisor – Catarina Schmidt

Jönköping universitet

Catarina Schmidt is a senior lecturer in Pedagogy with an orientation towards literacy education in the primary- and elementary school years. Her research focuses on conditions and possibilities for children’s literacy learning in relation to, for example, multilingualism, multimodality and democracy.  She has a special interest in Critical Literacy and linguistic scaffolds across the curriculum.

Ongoing research projects

  • 2020-22: ULF-project about translanguaging (project leader) in collaboration with a Primary School, University of Gothenburg and the Centre for school development (Cfs).
  • 2020-21: ULF-project: Enhancing language and positive reading habits. To widening the possibilities for dialogic reading aloud with children.
  • 2018- 21: Exploring the elusive teaching gap – Equity and knowledge segregation in teaching processes, in cooperation with Professor Ninni Wahlström, Linneaus University and financed by the Swedish Research Council.

Catarina Schmidt, Jönköping university, catarina.schmidt@ju.se