Supervisor – Eva Silfver

Umeå universitet

My name is Eva Silfver and have a position as professor of Education with a focus on Special Education at Umeå University, but I also have extensive experience of teaching science school subjects and mathematics at, mainly, upper secondary school. At the Department of Education, I am responsible for the Special Education area where teachers, researchers and doctoral students meet regularly for discussion and development of teaching, research, and collaboration with the rest of society. Furthermore, I am active in the department’s GePS area (gender and pedagogical processes in society) where we are interested in how gender is created in and through pedagogical processes.

My research interests are about norms and identity processes in academia, schools and society. Questions about power, democracy and participation are central to my research which deals with inclusion / exclusion, normality / deviation and equality / inequality. In my analysis, I want to link micro, meso and macro levels, i.e. involve the individual, school / education and society / community development because the political context that surrounds academia, school, classrooms and the individual is decisive for what happens there.

I am currently involved in two research projects as well as a research and development project. “The geek as a gatekeeper? Changing relationships between gender, ‘race’ and technology”, a project funded by the Swedish Research Council, and in which researchers from UmU, the University of Gothenburg and London participate. The overall goal of the project is to contribute knowledge about how technology education can become more

Eva Silfver, Umeå University, eva.silfver@umu.se