Supervisor – Pernilla Nilsson

Högskolan i Halmstad

Pernilla Nilsson is a professor in science education at Halmstad University, Sweden. During 20 years she has worked as a teacher educator and science education researcher and has a strong interest in teacher professional development in different areas. Her research focuses on teachers´ and student teachers´ development of Pedagogical Content Knowledge (PCK) both in elementary-, primary and secondary science education. In her research she has worked with different tools and activities such as Content Representations (CoRe), Learning Study, video and digital portfolios to stimulate reflection and to help teachers and student teachers engage in their own professional learning. She has also been working on scientific literacy, formative assessment and self-study. She has a genuine interest in teacher professional learning and aspects within teachers´ practice that make a difference for students´ engagement and learning in science. During the last years she has focused on digital technologies in the teaching and learning of science using TPACK as a framework.

Pernilla Nilsson, Halmstad University, pernilla.nilsson@hh.se