Handledare – Anna-Lena Godhe

Malmö universitet

Anna-Lena Godhe holds a PhD in Applied Information Technology and is currently working as a senior Lecturer in Educational Science at Malmö University. Anna-Lena’s research interests revolves around the use of digital technologies within language education. Her PhD focused on the assessment of multimodal texts that student had created at upper secondary school level. She has also been involved in research on a MOOC created by and for teachers, which aimed at developing their digital competence and creating networks for collaboration.  Another area of research that Anna-Lena has worked with concerns concepts like digital literacy, digital competence and data literacy. With colleagues, she has analyzed revisions in Swedish curricula aiming to support students’ digital competence and she has been involved in research comparing the conceptualization of digital literacy in different parts of the world.

Anna-Lena Godhe,  Malmö universitet , anna-lena.godhe@mau.se