GRADE A – Literature list

FUIF010, Foundations of research of Information Technology in
education, 7,5 credits

Revision 1
Dreyfus, Hubert L., Dreyfus, Stuart Ernest & Athanasiou, Tom. 2005. Mind Over Machine : the power of human
intuition and expertise in the era of the computer. New York: Free Press
Hiltz, Starr Roxanne. 1994. The virtual classroom: Learning without limits via computer networks. Norwood, N.J:
Ablex Pub. Corp
Koschmann, Timothy (red.). 1996. CSCL : theory and practice of an emerging paradigm. Mahwah, N.J: Erlbaum
Papert, Seymour. 1993. Mindstorms : children, computers and powerful ideas. 2. New York: BasicBooks
Skinner, B.F. 1968. The technology of teaching

Supplementary material
Selected Swedish Doctoral theses on IT in Education and selected articles on IT in Education.

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