PhD Student – Marie Utterberg

Göteborgs universitet

The research interest of Marie Utterberg is about digital tools in education, with a specific interest in mathematics education. Marie is studying how digital mathematics textbooks change teachers’ practice. Teachers with a digital textbook have access to a huge number of tasks, instructional video clips and mathematics activities for several grades that can be assigned to students based on their individual needs. Other features in digital textbooks could be automatic adaptivity meaning that tasks adapt to each student’s level of progression, that student’s mathematics activities are visualised in real time on dashboards, and that information about student’s activities and performance are stored to provide statistics for the teacher. What consequences do these features have for mathematics education and how do they impact teachers’ use of digital textbooks? Which opportunities and challenges do teachers meet when using a digital textbook?
Marie is a PhD-student at Department of Applied IT at University of Gothenburg. She has taught mathematics for students in compulsory school and have also worked as a teacher specialised in special needs in Mathematics.