Suporvisor – Peter Bergström

Umeå universitet

Peter Bergström works as an assistant professor in educational work at Umeå University. Peter’s research initially focused on the design of teaching and learning in technology-rich learning environments in higher education. Lately, he has worked in several research projects on the school’s digitalisation, where he studied how teachers design both the physical learning environment and the communication in the teacher-student relationship. This work has laid the foundation for his current research on how physical learning environments in the school are designed and supported by IT. The interest in the physical learning environment has come to grow by now studying how teachers and school leaders are prepared to move from smaller school units to larger school units. His research also includes questions about how the organization is headed in such a shift.

Peter has worked his entire professional life in the academy. He has extensive experience of teaching ICT and learning in teacher education at both basic and advanced levels.

Peter Bergström, Umeå university, peter.bergstrom@umu.se