PhD Student – Martin Holmgren

Umeå universitet

Martin Holmgren, a PhD student at the Department of Education, Umeå University, since the autumn of 2020 and with experiences working as a primary school teacher, preschool teacher, and special needs teacher.

My research has its origins in the 18 years when I worked as a teacher, especially in the lower ages of primary school. With further education as a special needs teacher, my understanding and interest in the special education field increased.

Professional experiences point to the fact that properly used educational technology can promote development at both school, group and individual level. It is from these experiences, which over the years have grown to become a pedagogical interest, that I depart to analyse from a more theoretical perspective through my research that is directed towards digitalization of the school system with a specific focus on special education and teacher education. In line with society’s increased expectations and requirements regarding the somewhat vague concept of “digital competence”, I am interested in examining how the special education programs have changed in accordance with these requirements.

I am also a registered member of a family consisting of a wife, two children and myself. It is with these that I like to hang around, preferably in our cottage’s rowing boat or forest. Friends and other family members are also close to my heart. People close to me would probably say that I have a certain interest in sports in general, and the local hockey team Björklöven in particular.

Martin Holmgren, Umeå university, martin.holmgren@umu.se