The symposium “Rethinking and Reinventing Learning, Education, and Collaboration in the Digital Age — From Creating Technologies to Transforming Cultures” took place in Engeltofta outside of Gävle, Sweden in september 2019. The open parts of the conference were attended by 100+ participants and the more seminar oriented discussions collected around 50 participants. The seminar explored design opportunities and design trade-offs in relation to digital technologies and learning. As well as how we can implement design strategies that systematically and proactively increase digital technology’s contributions to learning and collaborating. It brought together representatives from different disciplines and from different countries.

The work begun at the seminar will be developed into a special issue in a research journal and also other outputs. We are also happy to see that new collaborations were started as a result of the discussions.

The slides of the keynotes from the symposium can be found through this link