Handledare – Camilla Hällgren

Umeå universitet

My name is Camilla Hällgren and I work as associate professor at Umeå University in Sweden, at the Department of Applied Educational Science. My research interest concerns identity, social values and contemporary digital media. I also teach and supervise on graduate, master and doctoral levels.

Ongoing research: Under the umbrella of Crowdsourcing Identities, I explore the making of identity and contemporary, digital technology from a perspective of existentialism and social constructivism. This work is both conceptual and empirical. The aim is to widening the understanding of identity making in and contemporary digital technology. How can a relationship between identity and digital technologies be understood and conceptualized? How is identity made, mediated and reified through digital technologies – and not only represented? How can the making of identity, as mediated in conditions proposed by contemporary, digital technology be understood from perspectives of existentialism and social constructivism? And, what do young people learn about their being, becoming and belonging in their use of digital technologies?

I have worked at Umeå University since 1997. For over ten years I have deepened and expanded my empirical and theoretical work at the intersection of social values, identity, contemporary media and education. I also work as professional artist and since 2010 my artwork is represented at a large number of public institutions in Sweden, e.g. The National Public Art Councils, museums and several municipalities and county councils. Both my research and artwork combine in the aim of deepen understandings about the human condition.

Camilla Hällgren, Umeå universitet, camilla.hallgren@umu.se